jamaica jeep safari - tour from
Take a drive on the wild side in Jamaica! This Jeep Safari is the best way to soak up Jamaicas natural beauty and lively culture. Glide across rocky terrain with the greatest of ease in a 4 wheeler Land Rover while your guide regales you with tales about Jamaican history and local folklore. See a humble church that once served as a slave hospital, a reminder of the countrys colonial history. The highlight of the tour is a guided walk through the rainforest, where brightly colored birds alight in lush tropical foliage. Happen upon secluded waterfalls and take a dip in natural pools. This is the real Jamaica. details
hoover dam and lake mead cruise -
Discover the incredible Hoover Dam, the construction that subdued the Colorado River, like you have never seen it before; on this tour you wont only learn all about the Dams amazing history, you will also enjoy a leisurely cruise around Americas largest man-made lake. Spectacular views are more than guaranteed and photographs to preserve the memory will be easy to snap. The first stop the tours luxury bus will drop you off at is the Hoover Dam itself, where you will receive a knowledgeable crash-course about the inner workings and the spectacular history of the dam. This highly educational tour also takes you through a special tour centre for presentati [...]. details