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regenepure nt nourishing treatment
A moisturizing hair & scalp shampoo for men & women Helps cleanse scalp while promoting future hair growth Contains Lecithin Caffeine & Saw Palmetto extract to stimulate scalp & hair follicles Provides restorative nutrients & rich moisture to strengthen weak & brittle hair Enhances thickness for thinning hair Leaves hair voluminous conditioned & healthy looking. details
regenepure dr hair
A gentle hair loss treatment shampoo for men & women Formulated with Saw Palmetto Extract to gently cleanse away impurities & toxins Contains an antifungal ingredient Ketoconazole to inhibit hair growth curbing hormone DHT Loaded with Emu & Jojoba oils to nourish hair from root to tip Fights against dandruff & build up on scalp Leaves hair full soft & shiny Great for thin & lifeless hair Free of parabens & sulfates. details
regenepure intense volumizing
An intensely volumizing conditioner Contains Biotin Tea Tree & Jojoba Oil Keratin Silk Protein Copper Peptides & Saw Palmetto Extract Helps unclog hair follicles while restoring vitality to limp & brittle hair Provides a balanced infusion of vitamins that are vital for hair growth Hair appears fuller stronger & healthier looking Free of parabens sulfates & fragrances Ideal for color treated & Keratin treated hair. details